chemical disinfection of scopes.

  1. Help! We are still using gluteraldehyde for the disinfection of flexible scopes. I would like to hear from anyone who is using a safer alternative which provides improved disinfection. Thanks, everyone.
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  3. by   Keithedmonds
    Try looking on the web at , this is being used in the UK at various endoscopy units.


  4. by   Margy
    Up to date process is manual cleaning first (which I presume you do with gluteraldeyhde prior to soaking) and then instrument is cleaned throughout with a specific 'washing machine' ie steris.
  5. by   valeriern
    We are manually cleaning the scope and all channels with brushes and chemical agent whos name escapes me at the moment, and then putting it through a sterilizing cyle in a machine made by Olympus the same manufacturer of the scopes. We then force O2 through the scope, manually dry it and rehang it in the "scope closet"
  6. by   joanykip
    we went to a STERIS system about 3 years ago and what a positive change. Scopes still
    have to be throughly cleaned & irrigated using appropriate brushes and an enzyme solution; rinsed; put in STERIS. When done
    need to run a little alcohol through the
    channels & hang up with the working end
    down to promote drying. this sure beats
    gluteraldehyde and the increasing problems that maintaining it (temperature,dilution,
    mixing,spills) not to mention fumes.
    Do not forget to pressure test your scopes
    prior to sterilization procedure. good luck, have been there....

  7. by   SuperSGirl
    STERIS system1 with sterilant (paracetic acid).

    Gas sterilization but this takes a long time (24 hours) so not a good idea if you need freqent and fast turn around