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  1. Hello everyone. I recently moved to Maryland and will be starting an OR-RN internship in January. I graduated last year and worked in the ER and on a Med-surg unit in New York. I can really use some advice for all the experienced nurses. Is there anything I can do to prepare? Even if you would just like to share your experience with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and I enjoy reading all of your threads.
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    don't know what kind of spare time you have, but if you want a head start there are several OR textbooks you could pick up for yourself and read over before you start your internship. Alexanders is probably the most comprehensive, but that's one huge book! One that I have and use quite a bit is called "Essentials of Perioperative Nursing" by Cynthia Spry. I like it for beginners (and when I was starting in the OR) because it has tests after each chapter. I think I bought it online, but it was a while ago. Good luck!