Betadine gel for vaginal preps?

  1. I have used Betadine Gel since the very early 80's. For those who aren't familiar with it, it is a one-step prep solution, works on contact, you just wipe it on, no rubbing or repeated applications required.

    You don't need to wait 10 minutes for it to "take effect;" contrary to what some OR staff seem to believe.

    Now, here's my question. Although it is a great skin prep, I was always taught that for MUCOSA (such as the vagina) the old Betadine scrub and paint was a better choice.

    Now, I worked a travel assignment. They had just gotten Betadine gel. They thought it was something brand new, very 21st century.

    Not only did they chastise me for using it on SKIN (for an arthroscopy) BUT they stated, "We only use that on VAGINAL preps!! THAT'S what it's MADE for!!!"

    (What freakin' EVER! I learned, long ago, to keep my mouth shut on travel assignments. Their way is ALWAYS the correct way--even when it's wrong.)

    Sure enough, one day I was in the room when the circulator went to prep for a TAH-BSO. She had a custom prep tray, with both Betadine scrub and paint, Betadine gel and plenty of sponges and sponge sticks.

    I would have used the Betadine gel on the abdomen, suprapubic area and thighs, and the scrub and paint for the vaginal prep.

    OR,I would have used the Betadine scrub and paint for the ENTIRE PREP, and saved the Betadine gel to use on some other SKIN prep on some other case.

    She did just the opposite--Betadine gel, on a single sponge stick, in the vagina. Betadine scrub and paint on belly and thighs.

    What do you guys think? Can Betadine gel, indeed, be used as a vaginal prep? Is what we were taught in the '80s (not to be used on mucosa) passe?

    I can't imagine, though, why they had the idea it could not be used on skin! I can't beleieve the rep would tell them such a thing!
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