Any good advice for a circulator orientee?!

  1. I just started my long awaited surgery position today as a circulating RN and I loved it! Everyone was very happy to have me starting there because they need the help so badly, and I feel very "at home" in the o.r.

    However, I want to make a good impression and do a really good job- I hate being the "new kid" and I would love to hear some tips on making the transition from med-surg nurse of 4 years to operating room nurse.

    I learned so much today that my head was spinning... and I am to be training for about 3 months. I just wondered if that will be enough time for me to get a hang of things? ( I am training on dayshift but I took a 3-11 position, so when they send me on my own, I won't have a specialty room... I'll pretty much be doing a little of everything.)

    Sorry such a long post... but does anyone have some pointers for me? Anything you can think of that helped you adjust to this role would help me.
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  3. by   Snowshooz
    Congratulations on your new career and Welcome to the OR!
    Speaking from the standpoint of 20+ years of working the in the OR..There's no other place in nursing quite like it! I can honestly say I learn something new each day, thats what makes it so interesting!

    #1 Don't Ever assume you will learn it ALL, because you its such a dynamic environment with continual changing technology and procedures.

    #2 Keep a notepad in your pocket to jot down new info you will learn each day, that way you can look back to reference it.

    #3 Remember your #1 Priority is the>>>>PATIENT YOU are your patient's advocate! issues and dramas...etc etc etc...can wait...The patient is Number One

    #4 Ask Questions if unsure...don't be too overconfident and cocky...the OR is such a different world from floor nursing...You have LOTS to learn!

    Have Fun! Its not just a Job its an Adventure!
  4. by   mikethern
    Don't be surprised if some coworkers start acting mean to you after the "honeymoon period" of you being brand new. All operating rooms have coworkers who love to pick on newbies and talk down to them. Be prepared for this. Your best strategy is to learn as much as possible quickly. Make it your priority to become the best O.R. nurse in the world.

    Be very strong emotionally and learn all you can.
  5. by   luckyduck7
    Thanks for your replies!
  6. by   chartleypj
    I agree with all previous posters.
    In addition I would suggest you join AORN, the National association of PeriOperative Nurses. Here you can attend meetings, colloborate with other periop nurses and enjoy the monthly and very informative journal 'AORN'.
    Also, do not take things personally, as the atmosphere in the or can be brutal at times.
    Be assertive rather than aggressive when dealing with colleagues.
    Educate yourself about 'horizontal violence' in the workplace in an effort to ward off passive -aggressive, condescending behavior.
    Ask for more orientation - especially if you will cover shifts with limited numbers of knowledgable staff. (If that's the case here).
    Good luck and welcome to periop nursing!