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Online programs look good or bad?

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Hey I am hoping to get advice possibly from those who hire or have personal experience with this situation. I am currently at a community college in the nursing program, I can transfer to a university or I can get this degree then later get a bsn online. I am wondering how this would impact not just my clinical skills (because those are kind of learn as you go) but how any future employer would view this. Is it going to look bad if I get an online degree? Will it look worse if I don't work between the rn and bsn online?

llg, PhD, RN

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BSN completion programs are mostly classroom-type classes -- not actual "hands on" experiences. So that aspect is not much of an issue at all. In general, BSN completion programs being online is a pretty well-accepted thing. In fact, I'd guess that the majority of people who get an ADN and then go back for a BSN do it online.

However ... that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to the quality of the school that you go to for your online BSN. Make sure any program you go to (at any level) is fully accredited and well-respectd. There are good programs out there -- and bad ones. As they say, "Buyer beware."


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