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Online Organic Chem from New England Univ.

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I have a question for those of you who may be able to help me. I have been conditionally accepted to the USUHS CRNA program located in Washington D.C.. However this conditional acceptance is contingent upon my completing an Organic Chemistry prior to 31 March 2010. They recommended that I take the chem class from the University of New England (On-Line). I have registered and I am about to start. Has anyone taken this course on-line and if so what should I expect? Is there anywhere else that I could take it? Any info would be GREATLY APPRECIATED....thank you so much.......:crying2::crying2::crying2:

How is the class going? I'm on Chapter 5. Any feedback?


I'd love to hear how both your classes turned out. NYC has locked out all non-degree seeking students since so many people are going back to school.


Hey, I'm taking the microbio class and I think its great, so far. I just have to really manage my time so I don't end up doing all of the weeks work on the weekend. We'll see how I feel about the final exam, but so far so good!

So how did it work out? Did you get into the CRNA program at D.C.? I didn't know that you could take this types of classes online.


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Just checking in to see how its going.


Has 20 years experience.

Hello AshBash66 I have some questions about Oregon state, can we chat?


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