Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

  1. Did anyone else apply for the lvn program at Weatherford college for spring of 2017?
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  3. by   angela91402
    I applied for spring of 2017 with 15 points. I'm hoping I get in...I believe people get in with a lot less. I spoke to Karen Long and she said acceptance letters will go out no later than Monday!!
  4. by   REMYSACE1
    I applied with 11 points. I hope we both get in. I've been looking everyday for a letter. Lol.
  5. by   angela91402
    I bet we both get in!!!! Do you live in Wratherford? It would be nice to know someone when we start!
  6. by   REMYSACE1
    I live in Burleson, so It's a bit of a drive but worth it.
  7. by   angela91402
    Oh wow! I'm from Mansfield. I moved to Weatherford 2 years ago for the ADN program but couldn't do well enough on my teas to get in. Let me know when you get a letter!! I'm sure we will both be in!! My name is Angela btw.
  8. by   REMYSACE1
    Nice to meet you Angela, my name is Cher. I will let you know when my letter gets here. So freaking excited for it come in. It's nerve-wracking with all the waiting.
  9. by   REMYSACE1
    Any news on a letter yet? Lol. I'm anxious/nervous/excited/hopeful. Haha
  10. by   angela91402
    I didn't get a letter today. Karen Long said letters would go out at the latest Monday but if i don't get anything Monday I'll call her. I'm nervous too but I bet we both get in. The only rhing that makes me nervous is that they allowed everyone to retake the test...I'm not sure why they'd do that.
  11. by   REMYSACE1
    I think they did that maybe bease not enough people applied. I hope we hear things soon though. Best of luck to you. I'm rooting for the both of us.
  12. by   angela91402
    I'm shocked we haven't heard anything!! If we don't get a letter today I'll call Karen Long. Do you have Facebook? You should find me if you do. (Angela Brock-Kizer) It would be so nice going into the program with someone we know!!
  13. by   REMYSACE1
    Cool! I will look you up. It would be nice to have a familiar face in class
  14. by   REMYSACE1
    I emailed karen long today. This is what she said.

    I thought I would hear back from the BON last Friday but did not. However, it should be any day now. I will mail them as soon as I have the OK from the BON.

    Thank you,

    Karen Long