Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017 - page 2

Did anyone else apply for the lvn program at Weatherford college for spring of 2017?... Read More

  1. by   angela91402
    Ughhh!!!!! I'm so tired of waiting!! I bet it's next week before we get our letters.
  2. by   angela91402
    She mailed out letters yesterday!!!!
  3. by   REMYSACE1
    Finally! Lol. God I really hope we both get in.
  4. by   angela91402
    I got in!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   REMYSACE1
    Yay! congratulations! I'm still working, I have to wait till I get home to see if I did.
  6. by   angela91402
    Let me know as soon as you find out!!! And find me on facebook!!
  7. by   HannahFaith97
    Hey guys! My name is hannah. I got in today too. Congratulations to everyone !
  8. by   REMYSACE1
    I got in!!! I'm so excited for all of us!!! Can't wait. And hi Hannah, my name is Cher congratulations to you as well.
  9. by   angela91402
    Yay!!! I'm so excited!! Hi Hannah!! Congratulations!! Should we start a Facebook group? I know they started one for the ADN program.
  10. by   HannahFaith97
    Let's do it. My FB name is Hannah Moats. I have like 3 but it's the one that I have sunglasses on, lol . Add me. I'm glad I'm going to know some people!
  11. by   kelseyrae12
    Hey everyone! My name is Kelsey. I got in also!! So excited for everyone!
  12. by   REMYSACE1
    Hi Kelsey, my name is Cher, congrats on getting in! We have started a Facebook group if you would like to join on there now as well. It's weatherford college vocational nursing spring 2017.
  13. by   Brandijhix
    I applied to the 2017 Fall LVN program and was accepted. I also live in Burleson. How's it going for you so far?