WCJC Spring 2018 ADN Program

  1. Hello there! Anyone else get accepted into the ADN program for Spring 2018 at Wharton?
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  3. by   Cheetah5
    I have!!!
  4. by   Olicottle57
    Woohoo! Congratulations! I already had my background check done from a previous time so I got it turned in really quick. I'm wondering when we will find out what the next step is. I want to know when orientation will be!
  5. by   Cheetah5
    Yeah i already sent my background check to the secretary. I'm wondering about what the schedule will be like.
  6. by   Olicottle57
    Same! I have an old friend on FB that went through this program a couple of years ago. I think she said it's MWF 8-4 class and Tu/Th 6-2 clinicals. I'm assuming we don't start with clinicals the first semester though... are you close to the campus?
  7. by   Cheetah5
    Yes i live very close to the sugar land campus which makes it very convient for me.
  8. by   Cheetah5
    Have you gotten the email about odering uniforms?
  9. by   alegrunau
    Me too, hi guys (and congrats)!

    Also sent her my blue card, and got the uniform email this week.
  10. by   Olicottle57
    Yes I got the email and ordered right away because I was so excited! Haha. Congrats alegrunau! Anyone else have kids? I have a two year old (my first child) and I'm a little nervous about how I will manage!
  11. by   Vanessa O
    I have been looking for someone who was accepted too. Glad to have found this link. anything new aside fingerprint and uniforms?
  12. by   Vanessa O
    I have a 10 months old kid. My first and only ... we would survive!
  13. by   Olicottle57
    Yay! Congrats! Nothing else new here...I wonder when orientation will be!
  14. by   Cheetah5
    Does anyone know when we'll be registered for the classes?