Valencia Collage Nursing Fall 2018

  1. Hey, I am looking for people who will be going to Valencia College for the Fall 2018 traditional program. I was accepted for Summer 2018 but had to deffer. But I do have a spot! Just want to get connected, and see how everyone is preparing.

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  3. by   Bubblegum21
    I just submmited my application for Fall 2018 but my application says incomplete even though I already made my payment. Did you have this issue when you submitted yours?
  4. by   Bjinal
    I also applied today. Even my application says incomplete after making payment.
  5. by   Bubblegum21
    Does your application say submitted now? It took 3 days for mine to say submitted.
  6. by   Bjinal
    Not yet. I am very stressed about it. trying to call health department but it's going on VM.
  7. by   Bubblegum21
    Did you pay the $30 fee online? My application was submitted after I paid the $30 fee I found on my account.
  8. by   Lovely_alexaaa
    I applied to the program yesterday (5/9/18) and went to the business office to pay today. It still says incomplete on my application but the business office and health science advising says to just wait 24-48 hrs.
  9. by   Bjinal
    No, because a nursing application is $15. I am going tomorrow at Valencia.
  10. by   RN_mabelle
    I also applied, and my application said incomplete too.
  11. by   Bjinal
    I got the email saying they receive my application and its under review for fall 2018.
  12. by   Bubblegum21
    How long did you have to wait until they emailed you that?
  13. by   Bubblegum21
    Did you pay online or by mail? It might take longer for them to receive your payment if you pay by mail. I paid online and it was instant.
  14. by   nursingstudent_12kp
    Hey guys! I am applying for Spring 19. However, I heard from word of mouth that you are accepted two semesters from the time you apply? Is this true? I hope not!! Have any of you been accepted into Fall 18 even though you just applied? Thanks!

    Kaley DeBord