UWG Nursing Program Summer 2018

  1. Hello to everyone applying to UWG's Tanner School of Nursing (TSON). I applied October 1st for the Summer 2018 nursing program. I scored an 88 on the HESI exam, I currently have a 3.8 Nursing GPA and am a licensed CNA.

    I look forward to sharing my story and hearing all of yours while we go through the application, acceptance and admissions process. Hopefully, through our postings we can utilize this as a system of support in order to make it through till the end, (graduation).
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  3. by   Nwanyioma15
    Hey! Currently in the process of applying as a transfer student. Just got the confirmation email today that all of my documents have been received! Just waiting on an admissions decision, then I will begin the nursing application process. Retaking my TEAS on December 15th and I need to schedule my HESI.
  4. by   dconleyg
    Good luck with admissions! I too am a transfer student and am really trying very hard to maintain a competitive g.p.a above the required 3.50 gpa for transfer students.
  5. by   Nwanyioma15
    Was accepted today! How was the application overall? Registering for the HESI right now. How was the HESI? Is it similar to the TEAS? Possibly easier?
  6. by   dconleyg
    The application for entry into the nursing program is a simple questionnaire consisting of about 8 questions. The HESI exam was not really hard, if you prepare yourself, you should do well. I have heard from several people that it is easier than TEAS.
  7. by   Nwanyioma15
    Ok, Thank you! I just registered for the HESI today and completed the questionnaire yesterday evening!
  8. by   dconleyg
    Good Luck! Keep me posted. LOL!☺️
  9. by   Nwanyioma15
    Will do! One more question, sorry! Lol When you took you HESI did you omit sections (since they only need 5/7 sections) or were the 5 sections you needed only there? I'm not sure if I did this correctly. I used UWG's department ID to register for the HESI but when I went to pay I wasn't prompted to select anything extra. I hope that all makes sense.
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  10. by   dconleyg
    Oh, that's fine, you shouldn't have to do anything else, once you register using UWG ID #, you will only get tested on the sections the University requires. You will get your results after each section you complete, then at the end of your last section before you do anything else you will notify the proctor that you are done and they will then print out your scores which will be sent automatically to the school. Hope this helps.
  11. by   Nwanyioma15
    Ok! Thank you so much!
  12. by   hannahsol96
    Hey! I transferred to UWG over the summer but I took classes there this fall and I am finishing my pre-requisites there this spring. My nursing GPA is a 3.45. Would that 3.5 requirement still apply to me? Even though I have been taking classes at UWG after I transferred. I have already applied to the program and my advisor never mentioned a 3.5 required GPA for transfer students.
  13. by   dconleyg
    Good evening hannahsol96, I am not sure if that is a written requirement, but I have heard from other transfer students that if you are a transfer student you would want to have a competitive gpa and maybe 3.50 is considered to be competitive. I have also heard that preference is given to UWG students, but transfer students can get bonus a point if you have completed 15+ hours at UWG and another point for 30 or more. Also if you have a 3.50 Science gpa you get a bonus point.
  14. by   hannahsol96
    Took the HESI yesterday and made a 90.5! Good luck to you all