UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN 2018

  1. Hello everyone! I am applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Accelerated program and also the traditional program. I wanted to start a thread since I haven't seen one yet. Anyone else out there wanting to apply to the program too? I am currently finishing my Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology II classes and then I plan to take the TEAS VI this summer. Would love to hear from others planning to apply to the program!
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  3. by   Dman45632
    Hello, I too plan on applying this year for the Accelerated Program. I am more curious to as how the financial aid situation works. When did you receive your aid, and how much were loans and how much were scholarships? Is it affordable? For those that have already graduated or are currently enrolled, how was/is the program? Were there any unexpected surprises? Is it overly difficult? Any insight would be helpful. Thank you
  4. by   mani1391
    Hello! I actually haven't done financial aid yet. I am still waiting for them to open their application in NursingCAS, which they said should be available in the end of April/early May!
  5. by   Dman45632
    If you don't mind me asking, what was your original undergrad degree in?
  6. by   mani1391
    Health Communication with a minor in Nutrition
  7. by   sgoez88
    Hi there! I am planning on applying to both accelerated and traditional this year. I have a 3.79 science gpa and am retaking the teas this summer. On the first one I took I got an 89. But I'm super worried about my cumulative gpa from my first degree. It was a 2.9 and I feel like it's going to come back and bite me! Has anyone applied before or know much about the process?
  8. by   mani1391
    Hello! I am taking my TEAS next Wednesday! Looks like we are in the same boat. My GPA from first degree is the same, had a rough start when I first went to college. I am aiming to score well on my TEAS!
  9. by   sgoez88
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Do you know if they allow you to take the teas more than once? Are you applying for traditional too?
  10. by   mani1391
    On their website, it says that the exam is to be taken once every admission cycle. Yes, I am applying to the traditional program as well!
  11. by   uthealthSON
    I wish I had applied for the Traditional program. I am a current student, and my advice is to go for the traditional track. There are 2 tracks that run every semester and there is flexibility. So, if life gets in the way, or you unfortunately fail a class, you can take it the following semester, or even the summer- if available, and still stay with your track if you pick up the class in the summer, or just jump to the next cohort, not a bit deal.

    However, with the ABSN, you do not have that option. You may be able to take the failed class the following semester, but you wont be able to join your cohort, instead you will fall in to a limbo of a 9 month wait and start up where you left off. You will start with the NEXT cohort. So for example, you fail a Fall Pharm class a 2nd semester class, (total 4 semesters) you take that class in the Spring, or you wait until that semester is offered again next Fall with the new cohort, and then remain with the next cohort in the following Spring and continue til finish. Where as, a TBSN student taking a Pharm class with you will take it the following semester, as you will too, they will be able to take 3rd semester the coming up Fall and your 3rd semester will be NEXT year.

    However, If you go with TBSN, study for the following semester as if your starting the next semester the following week, during ABSN program, we wished we had some sort of catch up time, but you dive right into the next semester after a weekend. Its like changing gears on your brain, but you want to go on vacation and you start feeling withdrawals of summer.

    A break like the TBSN would be a blessing for ABSN, but I think if you don't have a hardy background in clinic setting and terminology, (like an LVN or CNA) you'll need to put 2x the muscle into studying in ABSN because your learning everything from scratch and to top that off your taking a full load and your expected to know everything. It is possible if you have motivation and determination, and a support group to keep you focused.

    Another add on BONUS: ATI is a grade in every class except the first semester, (that may change in the future, idk the updates) ,a lot of people passed the class, but failed the ATI causing them to fail the class and had to retake the course for NOOO REASON and thats for both cohort settings.

    Moral of the story, even if you get left behind in one class in TBSN, you'll still graduate before someone in the ABSN program in the same situation. There is no bouncing between ABSN and TBSN, trust me.... smh... Good luck guys!
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  12. by   mani1391
    Thank you so much for the advice! I really appreciate that! All the best to you while you finish! :-)
  13. by   Pacman0628
    Hey y'all!

    I was planning to apply to the spring 18 TBSN but NursingCas didn't receive my transcripts til literally Aug 2(day after the deadline). So now I'm applying for the accelerated! I'm a little worried about my oGPA from my previous degree but hoping my TEAS and sGPA make up for it.
    Im wondering if y'all think I should retake the TEAS to make me more competitive and risk maybe getting a lower overall or just applying with what I have?
  14. by   suxanadu
    I am planning on applying for this program. I'm still finishing up my prerequisites though. My chem 2 class doesn't end until 12/15, so I won't be able to apply until the deadline. I'm nervous about that!