1. Hello everyone!

    Since the Summer 2018 cohort is about to be announced, I thought I would start the forum for Fall 2018. Who else is applying? I hope the cut off score isn't as high as it was last fall!
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  3. by   FutureCRNA1224
    Hey i just got your comment on my post and yeah it definitely makes sense to keep it all in one theme lol. I'm just so nervous!
  4. by   FutureCRNA1224
    Do you know the cutoff for last Fall? I heard it was around 94... anyways, I'll get the ball rolling. I'm still in Bio 251 and Nurs 299 so I'll update it once i get those grades after the semester haha

    Science GPA: 4.0

    A&P - 100
    Grammar - 98
    Math - 96
    Reading Comp - 90

    If I get Bs in both 251 and 299 I'll be looking at about 95.6ish points and with As I'm at 98.8ish... hope either is good enough so i won't be so stressed...
  5. by   bsnoptimist
    Congratulations on those amazing scores!!

    The cut off for last Fall was 94.38! That's the highest it has ever been, which is so scary! Either way, you should be in good standing to get accepted!

    I am currently in Bio 251 and if I get an A, I will be applying with a 94.78. Since last Fall's cut off score was so high, I am unsure of what to do. I'm thinking all my options over and I'll have to talk to an academic adviser.
  6. by   FutureCRNA1224
    Thank you! You still seem to be in a good spot yourself! It's just the waiting game until other people come on here so we can see how we stack up haha
  7. by   Rebel_Alliance
    I will be applying!

    Taking the HESI this month, and finishing up 251 (as well as a few non essential nursing classes this summer). Honestly, I think anything over a 93 is great. I know last fall was crazy high for a cut off, but even the nursing advisors said that was a fluke, and I personally know quite a few people who are no longer trying for UNLV due to the cut off.

    Fingers crossed for everyone here!!
  8. by   aprilie22
    Hello, everyone!
    I am also applying for fall and am looking at about 95 points so far. Still super nervous since the cut off was so high. From the looks of it, the lowest score accepted for summer was a 93. Also, i was wondering if any of you have experience with retaking the Hesi and increasing your score. I got a 94 and am hoping to increase it by at least 1 percent! Every little bit counts. Thank you! I have been impatiently waiting for someone to start a Fall 2018 thread lol I am excited.
  9. by   bsnoptimist
    I really hope the cut off score is not as high as it was for Fall 2017! I am going to retake my HESI just in case, though. I wanted advice from people who retook it too, but there is little information about Version 2 out there. So we'll just have study harder and be overprepared! At least we know the feel of the exam.

    But, I am sooo excited!
  10. by   Rebel_Alliance
    Bsnoptimist, you will have to let me know how the exam looks the second time around. I have a feeling I will be taking it twice as well (I haven't taken it yet, but I have a feeling I will be under prepared the first time around).

    I seriously can't believe we are just months away from applying!!
  11. by   aprilie22
    I am retaking it March 26! I will let you all know how it goes.
  12. by   Rebel_Alliance
    Quote from aprilie22
    I am retaking it March 26! I will let you all know how it goes.
    Yes please! I will be taking my first attempt on the 31st
  13. by   bsnoptimist
    Lindsay71105, I am going to retake it after the semester ends at either the end of May or beginning of June. It was hard to study for it while trying to study for my other classes. But, I will let you know if you don't retake it before me!

    Aprilile22, yes please! That would be so helpful.
  14. by   Rebel_Alliance
    Bsnoptimist, if you take it after the semester ends, will that be enough time for UNLV to get the results before the signing/applying session? I was under the impression that it needed to be done before semester ends? I sincerely hope we can do it later. I'm doing my first attempt the end of spring break and really don't want to try to study during classes...