University of St. Thomas as of Fall 2018 - page 2

Hey has anyone applied here. I saw they had early acceptance. I didn't get that due to I wasn't done with my Microbiology. I have a 3.62 GPA. 3.0 Science Gpa. Would have been higher but I got a C in... Read More

  1. by   Kdionn
    I would be missing public speaking and literature. Ugh! I took like government and psychology as well as sociology and chemistry
  2. by   Kdionn
    Hey did you ever figure out if the fingerprint thing was from UST?
  3. by   kyhidalgo
    No it wasn't that was for Sam Houston, but we are only a week away from now. Now I'm scared.
  4. by   Kdionn
    Same here!!!! I haven't heard anything!! Did you get accepted to Sam?
  5. by   kyhidalgo
    Unfortunately No, but I am planning to reapply in the Spring to all the Nursing schools. I only applied to two:Sam and UST. It would be even better if I got accepted here so I'm all prayers at this point.
  6. by   Kdionn
    Oh man and your stats are good! That's discouraging on my part! I'm really hoping so also, I only applied here. I haven't taken any TEAS or HESI. Prayers prayers! Only 9 more days.
  7. by   Kdionn
    Hey we're supposed to hear from them by the 15th either with a yes or no right? Like will they inform us regardless?
  8. by   kyhidalgo
    Yes, through mail so they usually send it out on a Monday or something. Yeah it says no later than July 15. I feel we will know by that weekend. No mail is delivered on Sundays.
  9. by   kyhidalgo
    Got my mines in the mail I didn't get in. I am bummed out thought I had a good chance but I will reapply for other places in the Spring