University of Arizona DNP Fall 2018

  1. Hello all,

    I am applied to the MSN-DNP AGACNP (Online Program) and I am awaiting a response at the end of February or Mid-March. Anyone else apply (BSN-DNP/MSN-DNP)? What is your speciality? Hoping I get in (fingers crossed).

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  3. by   lesBSNRN
    Hi there! I also applied to this program (BSN-DNP) with the AGACNP specialty. Fingers crossed for both of us!
  4. by   MNKGA1315
    Hello Les,
    Awesome! Let me know if you get in and I will do the same!

  5. by   RNmom38
    I applied for the (BSN-DNP) FNP specialty. Should hear soon, I hope! Good luck to you both! I will keep you posted if I hear anything.
  6. by   MNKGA1315
    That is great! Good luck to you as well! I hope we all get in. I will update you as well if I hear anything. We shoud hear something within the next month or so. I was told late February to early March we would hear something (by the program coordinator) but the website says mid-March. Waiting patiently...

  7. by   MNKGA1315
    Les & RNmom38,
    I found out today via email that I got accepted into the UOFA-DNP AGACNP Program. Excited, nervous, and understand the commitment. Keeping positive vibes to the both of you.

  8. by   TXRN2018

    I too just received an email with acceptance for fall of 2018. See you all at RISE August 13-17.

  9. by   SZ77
    Hi everyone,

    Did you guys receive an email today saying you have been recommended for admission to the Graduate College? I been going back and forth if that means being accepted already or if it just means my application moves on for final evaluation? It has me on edge lol
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  10. by   MNKGA1315
    How I interpret what the email means is that you have been accepted into the UOFA CON and now the CON recommends you for addmission into the UOFA Graduate College. The Graduate College will then review the UOFA CON recommendation and give the official notification of admission into the Graduate College. I believe it is just a formality. You have been accepted, it is just going through the process of admission. Make sure to reply back in your email the desire to still wanting to be in the DNP progam. So they can move your recommendation forward. If I am wrong, someone else can correct me.

  11. by   SZ77
    MNKGA1315 (Larry),

    That is what I was thinking and hoping it meant but I kept rethinking it... which is probably never a good thing to do lol. Thanks so much. I feel like I can sleep very well tonight. BTW- I applied for the BSN-DNP FNP speciality! I am so excited for you all! Once again, thanks so much for the clarification and relief lol.

    -Sheema Z.
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  12. by   MNKGA1315
    Sheema Z.,
    You are very welcome. That is fantastic! I know you will do well in your specialty. Congrats to you and everyone who gets accepted.

  13. by   lesBSNRN

    I too received an email informing me of my acceptance to the BSN-DNP with AGACNP specialty yesterday as well! Congrats on your acceptance!! So excited for everyone!!
  14. by   MNKGA1315
    That wonderful to hear and congratulations on your acceptance as well! The real work begins at RISE.