UNC (Greeley) Nursing program requirements

  1. Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm not completely sure how it works so bear with me.

    I'm currently in high school, and I've started looking at colleges. UNC was one that really caught my eye, with a rigorous program and a beautiful campus. I've looked at their website, however, and can't find the specific admission requirements for the BSN program. I know that it requires basic pre-reqs, and a high GPA, but I wanted to know the specifics. So if anybody is attending, has attended, or is planning to attend UNC for nursing, what pre-reqs did you take? and also, did you have volunteer/interning experience? what was your GPA and what is the avg. minimum GPA accepted?

    any other information would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much (:
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    There are a few threads in this forum:


    This brochure might have some helpful info in terms of admissions:
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