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  1. by   SpiffyNurse
    @minam I believe my general 4 credit course was principles of biology I (BIOL 150 for my school), which was a prereq for A&P

    @student20122 the number of acceptance has increased actually. There's about 70 in this fall 2016 cohort for USG. When you think about it, it would make sense for it to be more competitive for the fall and not for the spring but it really just depends. I can't really give you a straight answer for that. Just be positive because I know the longer you wait, the more negative and pessimistic you get because that's how I was . Keep busy and before you know it, you'll hear from them!

    @brooke3g It took almost 2 months for me to hear from them. Everyone will hear from them at different times. My GPA was a 3.8. If you had read the past forums, you should know that UMSON looks at more than GPA so you really can't know what kind of applicant they're looking for
  2. by   minam
    do you know how important that course sheet is ?
  3. by   SpiffyNurse
    It's very important cause you have to turn that sheet in
  4. by   minam
    i mean like how much they focus on it
  5. by   Ephrata
    Does anyone know when we will hear back from the school?
  6. by   minam
    looking at other threads it looks like it'll be november
  7. by   Ephrata
    Thank you. @minam
  8. by   brooke3g
    The wait is killing me !!!
  9. by   minam
    same here !!! it hasn't even been a month yet lol i check surfs like 5x a day lol
  10. by   Ephrata
    Did anyone call admissions by any chance?
  11. by   brooke3g
    I know I check too haha even though I know nothing will be up yet! And no I haven't called admissions!
  12. by   nursing#101
    I did and all they said was that they don't give students a projected date in when we get notified. I also applied to Marymount and they said projected notification was September 30th.

    I also applied to Marymount. Hoping for UMSON though but GPA isn't great. Was waitlisted for Fall.

    Best of luck everyone.
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  13. by   MaleNurse2533
    Do you mind share your stat ?