1. Hello UM hopefuls! I have submitted an application to University of MD DNP program for Fall 2018. I saw that my application has recently changed from "Ready for Review" to "Committee Ready". Any word for any interviews at this time!!??
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  3. by   FutureDNP22
    Hi there!
    How exciting! I am one of the hopeful applicants. My application has not changed yet. When did your application change? Which program DNP program have u applied?
  4. by   cana9903
    That's exciting! My status changed about 2 weeks ago but I applied back in September. I'm sure they're still sorting through everyone. I'm hoping we hear something before the end of December!
  5. by   FutureDNP22
    Great! I wonder how many applicants they might have? They were interviewing early December Based on last year's thread. The earlier the better
  6. by   cana9903
    I know! I was looking at the same from last year. Guess we shall hear!! Keep me posted if you get any word.
  7. by   FutureDNP22
    Will do that
  8. by   LTCLUV
    Hello! I applied for AGPC and my status just changed today.

    Hope everyone is keeping their cool -- I'm not (and have never!)
  9. by   FutureDNP22
    My status changed to committee ready
  10. by   kateyack
    My status says committee ready. They just released the acceptance letters for the CRNA program so hopefully we will hear about interviews soon!
  11. by   BaltimoreRN18
    Hi all! I applied for the FNP DNP too. Does "committee ready" mean we get an interview?
  12. by   FutureDNP22
    No. It just means that your application materials are being reviewed by the admission committee. Once they review, the invite for interviews will be sent out.
  13. by   cana9903
    Did anyone get the last email from UM stating the dates for each specialties interview dates? It says we may be contacted the week of Dec 11th for interviews and looks like early to mid Jan for the actual interview!
  14. by   LTCLUV
    In October, I got one that said "UNSOM timeline". For me, it said interview invitations would be sent out some time between Nov. 2 and Dec. 15th. Are you referring to the same thing?