TTUHSC Abilene Traditional BSN Fall 2018

  1. Hello all!

    I am Ashley and I applied to the TTUHSC Fall 2018 Traditional BSN program at their Abilene campus. I saw a lot of threads from previous applicants, so I thought I would start one for this fall.
    I have received an email for an interview Feb. 27th. Has anyone else heard back or have any experience with applying to them?
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  3. by   lemonlove17
    I had an interview today! Anxious to hear back. Good Luck!
  4. by   ashleyrenae1717
    Thank you! How did it go?
  5. by   lemonlove17
    Not sure. I was nervous, but they said we should find out next week!
  6. by   lemonlove17
    How did your interview go?
  7. by   lemonlove17
    I got in!
  8. by   Beauty09
    I also had my interview on Feb 27th and got accepted March 5th for the Abilene fall 2018 program! Are there any remaing classes that you have left to take?
  9. by   lemonlove17
    Hi! We will be in the same program... Super excited to start this journey! Hopefully more people will jump on here so we can get to know each other. I will be finished with the prerequisites in May. How about you? Feel free to message me on this GroupMe! You're invited to my new group 'TTUHSC SON Abilene Fall 2018 Traditional BSN Program' on GroupMe. Click here to join: GroupMe
  10. by   Beauty09
    Yayyy! I'm taking the remaining 3 courses(intro to nursing, patho, communications in nursing) during the summer. I'm super excited! Do you know if all three are offered online? And do you know anything about student housing in Abilene? I'm from Austin so I've been trying to do some research.
  11. by   lemonlove17
    I am taking Intro to Nursing right now online as a transient student through Texas Tech. I am taking a COMS course that is an equivalent transfer to COMS 2320 in May with University of Phoenix because they are not offering it online this summer for Texas Tech, and the online courses were full for this spring. I am from Waco. I've been looking into housing. I would like to room with someone! Text me --- 254 230 5482
  12. by   Beauty09
    Okay got you! Yes Im taking my remaining courses as a transient in the summer at TT and most likely a communication course at UTA or TWU! Do you have social media? My phone is getting fixed at the moment but I will write your number down!
  13. by   lemonlove17
    I would go ahead and apply as a transient student with apply texas for the summer if you haven't already, and make sure those courses are available and not full. I wanted to take an equivalent COMS course through another Tx university, but many of them had prerequisites that needed to be taken before the specific course with that university.
  14. by   lemonlove17
    Did you get your phone back yet? Text me if you want... Did you get your blue card yet? I am going Monday to get finger prints done.