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  1. So,

    I'm going through "nursing depression" as I'd like to call it.. Because I failed my first semester of nursing. It was an integrated course & I see that it's different than what everyone else is going through.

    Im going to put this out there & say finding another profession is out of the question. Pulled that booger out my brain. THIS is what I want to do. so anyone who has gone through what I'm going through, I guess I'm just looking for consolation. I attended college for one year then stopped for two years due to the fear of failing... And then I finally decide to go back & I fail.

    I also am looking to attend Temple College. So anyone who's been there done that, I've got questions for you!

    How many people do they accept?
    When does the program start?
    How was the program for you?

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  3. by   Messi2014
    This post has so many views; I am sorry to hear what happened and that no one ever said anything to you. I know I am a few years late and I hope that I am not rehashing something for you in your brain but I wish you the best and I hope that you not only got your questions answered but you're doing better with the anxiety and depression. Good luck!!