Suffolk Community College Fall 2018

  1. Hi,

    anyone out there applying for the fall 2018 program at Suffolk?
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  3. by   nurse822
    Hello! I am
  4. by   MeliMoo

    How'd you do on the teas?
  5. by   nurse822
    Reading 85.1
    Math 90.6
    Science 80.9
    English 91.7

    Overall: 86 (Advanced)

    What about you?
  6. by   MeliMoo
    Good job!!

    Science 93.6%
    Reading 91.5%
    Math 90.6%
    Enlglish 79.2%

    Overall 90%

    Then I have:
    Stats A
    Eng 101 B
    Eng 102 A
    Psy B

    I'm taking a+p now and looks like I'll have an A
  7. by   MeliMoo
    Hopefully we'll get in!!
  8. by   nurse822
    Nice! Your Teas score is great and yeah I hope so. For some of the classes:

    A&P 1: A
    A&P 2: B
    Eng 101: B
    Eng 102: C+
    Intro to Psych: A
    Bio 244: B+
    Statistics: A
  9. by   MeliMoo
    I think we have a good shot!

    Are you trying for ammerman or grant campus?
  10. by   nurse822
    Yeah I think so too. Ammerman is my first choice and Grant is my second. You?
  11. by   MeliMoo
    Haha, same as you!
  12. by   outeast_caroline
    I'm applying for fall 2018 too!

    I'm so mad at myself I took the TEAs today and only got an 82.7 . I got a 74.5 in the science section so it dragged down my grade average, and got an 93% in math too so I'm super bummed about it. I'm retaking it at NCCC in January right before the deadline because I've been so busy I didn't have the chance to study at all.
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  13. by   MeliMoo

    That is a really good score. You're advanced!

    Plus, don't forget they give you two points for it being the first time you take the teas.
  14. by   nurse822
    I agree with MeliMoo, your score is really good. Have you taken any classes?