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Hello everyone I need some input about Standard Healthcare Nursing Services in Alexandria VA. I am a student at Global Health College & would like to switch schools. In your opinion should I switch... Read More

  1. by   Jngene
    Hello, I will be starting the lpn program at standard health school in April. I will be attending the evening session. The entrance exam is not difficult. I have heard that it is a good school. I hope to do the rn program there also as soon as am done with the lpn program. I want to know if anyone is interested in the evening program so we can carpool together since I live in the Baltimore area. My email is
  2. by   xNurseWannaBx
    I just e-mailed you @jngene
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  3. by   shexybrag
    Hello nursewannabx can you email me as well. I plan to start this April at Standard college. Thanks I have some questions
  4. by   shexybrag