St. Paul's School of Nursing Spring 2018

  1. So I'm applying for the (January 8th) spring 2018 semester. I went to the information session today and I'm taking the wonderlic exam on Friday. Anyone else applying for that class?
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  3. by   NurseZ789
    So I took the wonderlic exam on Friday and got a 22. I'm going to turn in my application on Monday so I can get a HESI date. I'm trying to do everything asap bc I know everything is on a first come first serve basis.
  4. by   simiri
    I'm applying for Spring 2018 as well at the Queens Campus, trying to do everything quick as well, good luck guys may we all get in !
  5. by   NurseZ789
    Hey nice to meet you. Have you taken your HESI yet? I take mine on the 23rd
  6. by   NurseZ789
    Hi, have you taken your HESI yet. Take mine on the 23rd
  7. by   simiri
    I have not taken it yet, question the science classes have to be within 3 years and the general education classes within 5 years ? Is that correct?
  8. by   simiri
    also do you know if they accept a class you took online ? it was just one class im wondering if they would even accept it ?
  9. by   NurseBravic
    How does the process work? I am attending a session on Saturday.
  10. by   simiri
    Hi NurseZ789, How did you do on the HESI EXAM, I am scheduled to take mine on the 14th of October just out of curiosity, do you have prior medical experience or volunteering that you have done ? Also NurseBRavic, I think you have figured out the process already as today is the 27th are you also applying for January 2018 ?
  11. by   NurseBravic
    Yes I am applying for January 2018, taking the hesi on october 14th as well.
  12. by   simiri
    Hi NurseBravic, Do you have prior medical experience or volunteering ? Also when are you taking it in the morning or afternoon ?
  13. by   NurseBravic
    In the Morning, I was a pt aide in the hospital for 6 months, and I've been working in the operating room as a video technician for 6 months also. How bout you?
  14. by   simiri
    Medical receptionist and phlebotomy technician, are you ready to take this test on Saturday ?