St. Paul's School of Nursing 2017

  1. is there anyone out there applying to St Paul school of nursing in the spring 2017 or fall 2017 in queens New York
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  3. by   nurseboogie00
    I am. Hopefully I am accepted for the Spring 2017 semester. You?
  4. by   diva12
    did u take the exam yet the wonderlic i believe and the HESI exam. i will be going to the info session on wednesday at 12:45pm. what about you?
  5. by   Ms.newnurse
    Hello, I took the Wonderlic on 11/16 and I am taking in my application today 12/6. I really hope I get into the May sessison. My next step is the Hesi exam. I have the book. In the information session, I was told to study the first 4 sections.
  6. by   diva12
    i am taking the wonderlic today at 4pm. i am also applying for the may session.
  7. by   Ms.newnurse
    I took the Hesi exam on in December and passed with an 82. I got a 90 in the Maths but exactly an 80 in the English.
    I have been waiting for a call for an interview. I would really like to get this over with. Is anyone else waiting for an interview?
  8. by   uniquetreasurezz
    Hi am currently waiting on a phone call as well. I completed my HESI two weeks ago. I am trying to get into May 2017
  9. by   Ladiikay_xx
    I applied to St. Paul school of nursing looking to start in queens.
    my friend said they will start sending out letters mid march
    hopefully I get in
  10. by   AmbitiousNurse30
    Hi guys, did anyone go to the interview? I'm also expecting to attend the program in May.
  11. by   Ladiikay_xx
    I went to the interview
  12. by   Ms.newnurse
    @ladikay_xx how was the interview?
  13. by   Ladiikay_xx
    It went really good, I met with the campus president, the interview itself lasted 20/30 mins than after she brought me to the financial aid office and than I was told I would hear back in 2 weeks if I get accepted. So I'm just waiting now
  14. by   uniquetreasurezz
    I went to the interview & it went well...I was advised that I will get a response in 2 weeks ..