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Hello everyone! I applied to SPU nursing program for Fall '14. I have been asked to come in for an interview on the 22nd with a few other applicants. Have any past SPU students gone through this... Read More

  1. by   mcewen.trio
    My pre-req GPA is 4.0 and my overall is 3.9. I know that it is really tough as a transfer student to get in. I heard last year there were only a handful of transfer students. All the other students were existing SPU students. The only other school I applied to was UW, which I did not get in. That was a long shot and I knew that. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to interview with SPU. My other options will be community colleges and I'm ok with that too. It will just take me 3 years instead of 2 but I will also save a ton of money!! Lol. I will find a positive way to look at the outcome!
  2. by   hopefuldream
    OMG mcewen.trio, your GPA is super high. I would be surprise if you don't get in! LOL, now I feel like I don't stand a chance anymore. You will get into one or another with that super high GPA-don't worry. You should have applied to SU also. I heard SU have good nursing program also. UW already replied? that was quick..
    I was thinking the same way as you about community colleges, I would definitely save a lot of money, and if I still want a bachelor degree it'll be just one more year (same as if I'm going to PLU school of nursing). Plus, the CC that I got accepted into is only about 15 minutes away from home, so that's also a plus. But i'm still waiting for the universities to reply..
    @Seattletown1: I'm sure your answers at the interview couldn't be as bad as mine. I know SU is Seattle University, but what's UP? Have you heard anything from SU?
    Hopefully we all will get in.
  3. by   mcewen.trio
    I waited until too late to apply to SU. I didn't have my official transcripts on hand and I only had like 2 days before the deadline. Slight oversight. I thought I had more time and if I had, I would have applied. I considered PLU too as that is much closer to where I live (Puyallup) but I decided against it. If I don't get into SPU, I want to try to get into Everett CC. I want to be in the Seattle area or north.
  4. by   Seattletown1
    hopefuldream, I am still waiting to hear from SU. I think we should hear back from them in about a month or so if I remember right. UP is University of Portland.
  5. by   hopefuldream
    @mcewen.trio, I'm sure you'll get into SPU. You have nothing to worry about.
    seattletown1, I thought we should be able to hear back from SU and also SPU in next next week or 2 weeks.. the wait is killing me.
    Let's keep updated on this and hopefully we will all get in
    Also, do you guys know if SPU do waitlist? I know SU does
  6. by   Seattletown1
    I could be wrong but I thought I saw that SU will send out letters at the end of March/very beginning of April. I know the wait is torture! It seems that spu has changed many things with the process of nursing applicants this year so I am not positive if they have a wait list. I would assume yes. I know they did last year. My friend was put on it and she was finally accepted! Fingers crossed for everyone!
  7. by   hopefuldream
    Any words from the school yet? I still haven't received anything yet...
  8. by   mcewen.trio
    My guess is we won't know anything until the end of the month, at the earliest. This seems like the longest wait of my life. I'm more anxious about finding out than my trip to Hawaii. I just hope I know before I leave on April 4th, otherwise I'll go nuts!
  9. by   Seattletown1
    I think finals is next week and I believe they said that they would be sending out notifications at or by the end of the quarter. So, I would expect to find something in the mail around the 21st-28th of march. You should be able to enjoy your trip to Hawaii even more after you find out you have been accepted.
  10. by   mcewen.trio
    I love your optimism! If I get in and I find out before I leave, it will make my trip!!
  11. by   mcewen.trio
    I received an email today stating that they will send out admission status letters Friday, March 20th. Good luck everybody!
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  12. by   cw.sea
    Hello mcewen.trio,

    Thanks for the update; I didn't get a email stating this, do you think I should give SPU a call on Monday :S...? There were some technical difficulties for my application though, for an example I never got a email/letter inviting me to the interview, but when I called them about it they said I was considered for the interview. I hope we hear back soon, the wait is killing me as well...!

    Hang in there everybody!!
  13. by   mcewen.trio
    Hello cw.sea,

    I would definitely contact the school because if you didn't get the email, then you may not receive a letter at the end of next week. Especially since you had the mix up on the notification of the interview.

    Here is the email:

    Dear Nursing Applicant,

    Thank you for your patience as you await the final decisions for admission to the Nursing Program at Seattle Pacific University. The care with which you prepared your application was very evident, and we enjoyed meeting you at the interview.

    If at any time, you decide to withdraw your application to the Nursing Program at Seattle Pacific University, please be sure to contact the School of Health Sciences at 206-281-2233 or reply to this email. Students not chosen for admission may have been placed on our waitlist which continues through the summer. Students admitted to the SPU nursing program will be invited to an orientation in May. Again, thank you for your nursing application and participation in the interview process.

    Our plan is to send out the nursing admission status letters on Friday, March 21st. If you have a change of address, please email Linda Meerdink, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant at by noon 3/17/14.

    Linda Meerdink 206-281-2698
    Undergraduate Administrative Assistant
    Seattle Pacific University, SHS
    3307 Third Ave West, Suite 106
    Seattle, WA 98119-1922
    Normal hours: 7:00am-3:30pm