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  1. by   CNAJoseBautista
    I got into north campus, did you get accepted?
  2. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Yes did you get in?
  3. by   nellyo228
    Hey Jose, I called and no one answered. I have enrolled into the spring semester at south campus and going to take pre reqs during Jan through the summer. I do apply to apply to San Jac's north for next fall entry. I was told by a LVN graduate that your application looks stronger with the pre reqs completed. You can add me at Janel Iman on facebook. Did you complete your pre reqs? Did you have to take your Hesi over? I scored below the minimum on one of the sub sections under reading. So I have to re take my Hesi
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  4. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Can't find you on Facebook love! No I only had nutrition done, and yes I did retake my reading section for north
  5. by   Davidf2021
    I got into North campus. Received my letter on the 20th. Still praying I get a letter to ADN though before the deadline for LVN.
  6. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Did u wanna add me on FB David?
  7. by   csheppard09
    I got accepted myself. I look forward to meeting everyone December 17.