San Jacinto LVN Spring 2019 - page 2

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  1. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Apparently you need a 70% or higher in all sub categories and I didn't get a 70% or higher in the sub categories, so
  2. by   nellyo228
    Did they tell you why you were denied? I'm going to apply to north and lone star. I am looking at other schools. I was also waitlisted
  3. by   CNAJoseBautista
    No I never called, did you? Also that previous post of mine, is for north campus
  4. by   nellyo228
    I am calling tomorrow to see if they would able to tell me. I am not sure if they would give me a direct answer, but I just want to at least know.
  5. by   CNAJoseBautista
    I do too, I wonder how many people will reject the offer. I am truly disappointed.
  6. by   nellyo228
    You may end up getting accepted after all. Just keep applying
  7. by   CNAJoseBautista
    What makes you say that?
  8. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Did u ever call?
  9. by   nellyo228
    I stated that earlier, just in case you didn't get the outcome you desired, it would be okay to apply again. I've added schools on my list and going to apply for summer/fall admission. I called and did not get an answer from the dept. I plan to take A& P 1 next semester and focus on applying to both Lpn and Rn programs.
  10. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Did you ever call?
  11. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Did you ever go apply at north campus? I finished my application.
  12. by   CNAJoseBautista
    Did you wanna add me on Facebook?
  13. by   KIJING
    has anyone heard received an acceptance from the North campus?