1. Hello i wanted to start this thread for those spring 2018 nursing students.
    Currently i have applied now i'm waiting for an answer. Anyone else out here applied to the LVN program?
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  3. by   london.pretti
    i will be applying for the spring 2018 semester. Im starting from the bottom since i keep getting waitlisted and denied for the BSN programs.
  4. by   Niknik718
    @london.pretti if you don't mind me asking what are you scores?
  5. by   london.pretti
    for the program or for the HESI?
  6. by   Niknik718
    Yes hesi and total points from rubric.
    Mine are
    Hesi 81
    Gpa 2.9
  7. by   london.pretti
    Sorry for the late response... But Hesi scores 86.. GPA 3.2
  8. by   Niknik718
    @london.pretti I am praying not many people apply to this program. I'm hoping they will go straight for the RN degree. Although I applied to both I know that it's harder to get accepted into the RN program. I will take any nursing program at this point.
  9. by   K_McVillain
    Hi there I have applied to both the RN and LVN program for spring 2018. My GPA and science pre-reqs are not very strong. Obviously, I would like to do the RN but will be just as happy beginning my journey from the bottom up. My scores are HESI 90% overall. GPA 2.8 and pre-reqs grades are:


    I'm hoping to just go straight through the program to the LVN-RN transition. I'm retaking A&P 2 over to bring the "C" up to hopefully an "A." Good luck to you ladies!
  10. by   Niknik718
    @ K_McVillain Which campus did you apply to? I see you posted 4 grades. North campus rubric only has three
  11. by   K_McVillain
    I applied to South campus for LVN the grading rubric online shows the "optional courses" as A&P 1, A&P 2, Microbiology, and Health & Nutrition.

    I also applied to Central for ADN program.
  12. by   Niknik718
    Oh ok I figured that. But yes I did apply to central just as well. I hope you know that they extended the application deadline due to hurricane Harvey. I'm sooooooooo pissed because if people really wanted this they wouldn't wait til the last minute to turn their stuff in.
  13. by   K_McVillain
    I saw that until the 15th that is just ridiculous! I could see a fee days but that is 2 whole extra weeks. SMH....And the RN was extended until the 5th. I agree with you about waiting until the last minute. If they really wanted it they would've had their stuff ready to go. Although, I did not finish my TB test until 2 days ago :/, but the LVN program I was told to wait on getting that. Where as the RN you had to have that ready by deadline in castle branch.

    So do you think this means that they will not be contacting us until the end of October now? Instead of the middle due to the extension?
  14. by   K_McVillain
    @niknik718 Did you apply to North and South for LVN?