Saint Luke's BSN Spring 2018

  1. Hey everybody!
    I wanted to start a thread for everyone waiting to hear back from Saint Luke's Kansas City BSN for January 2018 start date. Anyone heard back yet?? Crossing my fingers!
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  3. by   Dnanurse
    Hi Jadeemery!
    I'm currently on the standby list. Have you heard since your last post?
  4. by   jadeemery
    Hi there! I just got my acceptance letter in the mail, yay!
  5. by   Ldavis0913
    Did your admissions portal change to accepted before you got your letter..My friends says standby but mine says pending..Just wondering if thats good or bad
  6. by   jadeemery
    Yes, it changed to admitted sometime last week. Mine said pending before it said admitted.
  7. by   Ldavis0913
    So weird..I guess I will know sooner than later! Congrats by the way!
  8. by   Ldavis0913
    Did you get a phone call too?
  9. by   jadeemery
    Thank you! No, I did not get a phone call. I'm wondering if it's still coming or if they're not doing that this time.
  10. by   shuaroc
    hi, I'm on the stand by list as well. can I ask you what number were you?
  11. by   Dnanurse
    Hi shuaroc! I'm on the standby list. I'm below #20. What about you?