RN to MSN Walden Univ.

  1. I'm seriously considering taking online courses with Walden University for the RN to MSN. I know that they recently were accredited with the CCNE. I understand that you take 2 courses every semester (1 every 8 weeks) I would really like to hear from anyone who has been or currently is enrolled with Walden....are you pleased with it, how are students evaluated, etc. Any and all comments I would appreciate.
    Thank you
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  3. by   momentum
    I talked to one of those counselors on the phone. She said you can only take one class at a time, you can not double up like UOP. Yes, every class is 8 weeks long. Walden is cheaper than UOP but it takes 3 years to complete because you can't double up on classes.

    Any one with more insight or information on Walden, please respond! I am also trying to make a decision on an online school. Thank you .
  4. by   Otessa
    I will be attending the MSN program at Walden University with a focus on Education this Fall. I have decided to cut down to part-time at the hospital where I work so I can dedicate the 15-20 hours per week and get the grades that are needed.
    Any MSN program is difficult-online or brick and mortar and a student needs to plan accordingly...
  5. by   pambsn
    I am 3 courses away from completing my MS in Nursing from Walden. Thus far my expereince has been successful and fairly painless. I have taken 2 breaks of 8 weeks due to work schedule and they will accomodate that. One note.. you notice above I say MS in nursing... this is different than a MSN.. be wary if a MSN is what you want you will NOT get it at Walden... this has recently been made aware to me...
  6. by   Otessa
    I was wondering what the hiring outlook will be when they say "MSN required" and we will have a MS in Nursing. through Walden... Have you heard if this will be a huge problem in the future??

  7. by   criticalHP
    I posed this question on the APN forum under clinical nurse specialists. The posters there reassured me that in today's field it does not make a difference. The designation was made years ago but today the lines are blurred. After corresponding with poster IIG, a CNS on allnurses, it sounded like both degrees will allow you to pursue careers in education at the university level, and not hinder your chances for employment. Please search for the posting-I'm not good at linking these thinks-sorry.
  8. by   criticalHP
    I should also say I am considering Walden this fall for education. But in the mean time I found American Sentinal University that is making an attractive offer for any military affiliation-it is worth checking into--plus they have an MSN in Education, not just the MS