Resurrection University Fall 2018

  1. Hello! Didn't see a ResU page for Fall 2018 applicants so here it is. Any other students out there applying in as 2nd-degree bachelors? It seems their administration can be a bit slow but submitted my app a month ago and waiting on a transcript to post that was mailed in. Hoping to get in - great location for sure.
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  3. by   FutureER-RN94
    I'm excited. Increase completed my TEAS test and I'm working on completing my final science for the Fall semester. I work for Presence, who owns the school. So the pricing and everything is perfect.
  4. by   premedtobsn
    That's awesome! What are your thoughts on the Presence system? I was admitted last week and plan to attend but moving from out of state - don't know much about it haha. Congrats, sounds like you got in as well?
  5. by   Glesh
    Hi Everyone I am planning on coming to RESU too, do you guys know about the program?
  6. by   premedtobsn
    I've talked to a few former students that now work at some great hospitals - they mentioned the school having some issues with administration (every school does) but overall, really liked the education and clinical experience. I'm excited for fall!
  7. by   FutureER-RN94
    Working for Presence Health system has been awesome and being allowed to go to Resurrection would be awesome. I hear its a little unorganized there at Res U as well, especially since its been pretty hard to get in contact with my admissions counselor. I have only talked to her once through this process and it was when I took my TEAS test at the campus, and asked to speak with her. Other than that everything else has gone pretty smoothly. Havent been Accepted yet but still waiting.
  8. by   Glesh
    That is good to hear. It was hard to connect to a counselor too but I called the admission office when I wanted information. I got into the fall and waitlisted for summer. Good luck for all of you!
  9. by   Denaijnurse2be
    Hi guys, is there a Facebook group for Su mmer or Fall 2018? Couldn't find one.
  10. by   Glesh
    I don't think there is. We should create one. Are you planning on fall?
  11. by   premedtobsn
    yes! fall start.
  12. by   Glesh
    I am trying to create a facebook page for people interested. Please tell me your email's so that I can create the group.
  13. by   Glesh
    I created a Facebook page it is Resurrection University ABSN Fall 2018. Feel free to join
  14. by   DaisyDiamond
    Can someone send me the link or name of the group? I'm going to Ressurection this fall too