Resurrection University Fall 2018 - page 3

Hello! Didn't see a ResU page for Fall 2018 applicants so here it is. Any other students out there applying in as 2nd-degree bachelors? It seems their administration can be a bit slow but submitted... Read More

  1. by   Benz12b
    I would contact your adviser, I believe you should have received a response by now for the Fall term?
  2. by   ath05

    So I recently got an email saying I'll go to committee since my science GPA is below the 2.7 everything else they are looking for I met. Has anybody else gone to committee recently, and did you get a decision yet?
  3. by   FutureER-RN94
    My counselor there told me he same thing and that she wants me to retake a science class this summer to raise the science GPA a little more. So I have to do Portage Learning in order to do that. So now I'm even more anxious because it's pushing my fall application further to August. But I'm determined to get into the program this fall and I will do whatever I have to.
  4. by   chi2018

    Is anyone looking for a roommate or has a room that is for rent? I'll be attending Resu U in the fall and I'm new to the Chicago area.
  5. by   ath05
    Thanks for the response.
    And oh I see. Well good luck! Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  6. by   ColleenPav
    I got accepted yesterday, 6/26/18, and submitted my enrollment fee. My application was completed 6/14/18.
  7. by   Molly1125
    Were you sent to the committee or did you have all the requirements?
  8. by   ColleenPav
    No I wasn't sent to the committee. Thankfully I had all the requirements.
  9. by   ColleenPav
    Is anybody else on the wait list for Fall and accepted to Spring? I'm hoping to gain a seat for the Fall soon. I'm still waiting for my drug test to clear, I took it on 07/03/18 but it still shows as incomplete online. Other than that (and the flu shot that isn't currently due) all my health requirements have been submitted.
  10. by   Molly1125
    Hi, I actually finally got my acceptance about two weeks ago. And that same week I went to get my drug test. I'm also still waiting for the results to post to castle branch. I received an email from Res saying it takes awhile to upload, I just don't know how long. When did they tell you that you are waitlisted?
  11. by   ColleenPav
    I got my acceptance & told I was waitlisted for fall 6/26; I applied on 6/14. I know in one of the emails we received they said they would start accepting people off the waitlist after July 13. I read in another thread that last year resu didn't accept people off the waitlist until one day before classes started. I'm not sure how true that is lol.
  12. by   DaisyDiamond
    If anyone is interested I am selling the resu nursing pack.