Regis University Applying May 2009

  1. Hey is anyone out there applying for the May start of the accelerated program at Regis??? We nervously wait to hear the news together!!!
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  3. by   brand008
    Hey! Yeah I just applied to the accelerated BSN program at Regis for May 2009! I am very anxious but very excited!
  4. by   allieboballie
    So are you from the Denver area, or living somewhere else? I'm in California right now, so it's a really big hop skip and a jump for me
  5. by   brand008
    I am in California too! Where did you do your undergrad? I'm at Cal Poly. I can't wait to move to Colorado!
  6. by   allieboballie
    Haha, thats awesome! I'm SOOO excited too, I've been itching to move there for years now! I did my undergrad at Cal State Long Beach, and live in Orange County now. What was your undergrand in?
  7. by   brand008
    Animal Science. What about you? Did you apply to a lot of other schools? I'm applying to two others, and crossing my fingers.
    Do you know when we are supposed to hear about our interview status?
  8. by   allieboballie
    I was kinesiology, with an emphasis in fitness. I only applied there, I pretty much decided I need to go to colorado, so if i don't get in this round, I'll try for the next jan. start date.

    I'm not sure exactly about the interviews, i think i read somewhere that they are supposed to be held in Oct. sometime. So I'm not sure how much notice we will be getting on that.
  9. by   brand008
    Regis is definitely my number one pick. Hopefully we were the only ones who applied. Then we're in for sure!
  10. by   AshBlonde83
    I have also applied for the May 09 accelerated BSN program at Regis. I saw your comment about interviews, I was just wondering where you got that information? I completed my app. but I did not hear that interviews were to follow & if so I need to make arrangements to get out to CO, I'm from CA too! Thanks
  11. by   brand008
    Hey AshBlonde83!
    When they sent the email saying that the application deadline was moved up to September they said that interviews would be conducted in October. What a small world!
  12. by   AshBlonde83
    Thanks a bunch, I will have to read over that e-mail again. I will be eagerly waiting with you until we receive our letters! :imbar

    PS- Have you already taken the upper division Health Care Ethics course or are you going to take it at Regis in the Spring? I saw that you can take it on-line! Good for us out in Cali! I just hope that we have enough time to take it after we find out whether we get accepted or not.
  13. by   allieboballie
    Hey guys! I called Regis today to see when we would hear if we got an interview or not, anddd the advisor said she would be notifying us either by the end of this week, or by the beginning of next week!! Sooo not too much more waiting for the next step!

    Fingers crossed
  14. by   AshBlonde83
    Just got my invitation to interview today via e-mail!!! I'm so excited! If we have our interviews the same day, maybe us Californians can meet up!