Questions for WCU Students! (Your Experience)

  1. PLEASE: Only reply if you have first-hand experience or you have heard first-hand stories of someone who REALLY is credible. I don't want a bunch of biased people on here talking smack, I know West Coast isn't for everyone and a lot of people hate that its a for-profit school. I couldn't care less about that - I'm going to get my BSN in 3 years if it kills me lol I've attended a rather B.S. LVN program where I had to do most of the learning myself and that's never stopped me...

    So honestly, the only aspect that I am afraid of with this school is whether or not I will get enough loans. I am very young with very minimal credit history and would need a cosigner but I don't know how any of that works. My parents have not-so-good credit as well. I don't want to start and then have to get kicked out because I can't make another payment.

    I know that may sound ignorant but I've done so much research already, weighed the good and bad reviews, and I just can't think of a better option for me than the LVN-BSN program. I have no pre-reqs done yet and waiting around and gambling on getting into a waitlisted community college program isn't an option.

    If you've attended one of WCU's nursing programs could you give me a review of your journey? And explain your process with financial aid? I've never applied for major loans before (I worked at the same time to pay off monthly payments for LVN) and I have no idea how someone gets 116k to go here! But dang it I'll explore every option! As long as it doesn't involve a stripper pole! lol Thanks!
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