Prairie View BSN Spring 2019

  1. Hello! Just wondering if anyone else has applied for Prairie View Spring 2019 yet?
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  3. by   houston123_
    Hi! Yes I am applying to the SPRING 2019 as well. I am very nervous! What are your stats? @Xuan Meagan
  4. by   Xuan Meagan
    Stats? For the Hesi? Or just my prereq GPA??
  5. by   houston123_
    Both. My stats are

    cumulative gpa : 3.68
    support area gpa : 3.63

    I also have an associate degree in science but I feel like that doesn't really matter or I'm not really sure how much importance they give to it.

    I am retaking my hesi this upcoming Friday. I'm very nervous. I feel like my GPA isn't competitive enough. I have finished all of my classes, so hopefully that helps some how. I heard they give some type of preference if you finish all of your prerequisites but I'm not 100% sure about that.
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  6. by   Xuan Meagan
    Cumulative gpa: 3.71
    Support area gpa: 3.79

    I got my associates in arts and I also finished all of my prerequisites! Did you not pass the hesi the first time or are you retaking for a higher score?? I think people have gotten in with worse scores! Good luck on your exam!!!!
  7. by   houston123_
    Your stats are amazing! I'm sure you'll get in! I didn't pass the anatomy portion :/ I got a 72 . My over all hesi score was an 81% and thank you! I hope it all goes well!

    Is prairie view your top choice? Or have you applied to other schools?
  8. by   Xuan Meagan
    Are we twins?! I also got a 72 on the anatomy portion.. I retook and got a 100 on it! I'll be praying for you and hopefully we get in together. Prairie view is my only choice actually. I should've taken more classes to try and apply to UThealth but just didn't have time. What about you?
  9. by   houston123_
    Omg! How did you study for it? I'm so happy for you! and thank you so much! I really hope we get accepted together! I haven't applied anywhere else but I want to give UT health a shot.
  10. by   Xuan Meagan
    I just watched all of the crash course videos and took notes over them. I also had some old anatomy notes! Most people doing nursing usually go for UTHealth. Do you know when they're going to tell us their decision to accept us or not?
  11. by   houston123_
    Thank you and yes! They send out a letter one month after the deadline. They will send a letter only. They don't email nor call.
  12. by   Mytiger55
    I'm interested in applying for Spring 2019 have anyone already applied?
    Also, are you guys current PVAMU students or transfers?
  13. by   Mytiger55
    Are you retaking the hesi? or applying with that score
  14. by   houston123_
    I'm retaking the hesi! I'm a transfer student, what about you? How are your stats?