Practicum Questions for Walden University -MSN Alumni

  1. HI All!

    I am a current Walden University MSN student with the Education focus. I am 4 classes away from finishing the programs coursework (WHOO HOO ) then its onto the practicum.
    My questions are:
    1.) How are the 16 weeks of the practicum structured? Are you given a timeline in which to complete an assignment with weekly deadlines like with the classes?
    2.) Or is there a grand plan of assignment to be turned in and you are on your own to complete by each 8 weeks .....or once in 16weeks?
    3) The conference call does that go..what is required here?
    4.) Continuing Education Credits- is this like the requirements for your license?
    5.) How does the first 8 weeks of the practicum run? and compare it to the last 8 weeks?
    6.) How is the practicum graded?
    7.) How far out do you hear of your completion of the program and ability to obtain your degree after the completion of the last practicum.
    8) Anyone who finished the program in Oct of your graduation year (my intended completion month/ 10/12)....about when did you hear of when and where the graduation ceremony would be (for planning purposes)

    9.) Do you feel prepared to teach after completing this program? I am very nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time! Need to get my "nerves" up about teaching in large groups of people--YIKES!!! ANy tips?

    10.) CONGRATS to you for completing the program...I ADMIRE YOU!! and THANK YOU FOR ENDURING ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS and being kind to indulge me with your responses!

    TAKE CARE!!! Looking forward to your responses!!!!
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    Did you have a hard time getting your degree, I heard so many bad things about this school