Practical nursing Lanier Tech Fall 2018

  1. Who else is applying for Practical nursing?
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  3. by   MsRoseCNA
    I applied for fall 2018. Any idea when we will find out if we got in?
  4. by   ddrftw
    Mrs. Amos told me I will find out on July 1st
  5. by   MsRoseCNA
    Okay just a little over a week. This will feel like the longest week ever! Lol but fingers crossed, praying I get in!! I will post when I receive my letter.
  6. by   ddrftw
    You should receive an email saying that you got into the program before the letter, I think.
  7. by   MsRoseCNA
    I haven't received anything yet,have you? There's some students at my job for clinicals and they've just told me they know that letters were sent out some time this week...
  8. by   ddrftw
    They don't send out emails?
  9. by   MsRoseCNA
    It's my understanding that they do. A few I spoke to said they gotten emails first. But they are from Oakwood's summer and couldn't confirm if Forsyth does the same or if it was letters only. But I do know that for the summer with Oakwood they sent emails and the letters were alternates or denials... they also told me they had a lot of alternates in their class.
  10. by   ddrftw
    I just know that Mrs. Amos said I'll know by July 1st but she didn't mention if it would be by email or letter.
  11. by   MsRoseCNA
    She told me the same. I did apply last semester for Oakwood summer and didn't receive a email and neither did this other girl but when we got our letters she had been chosen as a alternate(and ultimately got in) and I got denied. My fingers are crossed that I get in this time!
  12. by   ddrftw
    What's your teas and how? I'm applying with a 3.87 gpa and 83 teas.
  13. by   Tcarly15
    Have y'all heard anything yet?
  14. by   ddrftw
    We were supposed to find out today but it's a Sunday so figures we haven't heard anything yet.