Practical nursing Lanier Tech Fall 2018 - page 2

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  1. by   Tcarly15
    This is making me sooo anxious! I just hope that those who haven't heard anything weren't denied..
  2. by   Tcarly15
    Do you know if gpa or teas weighs higher?
  3. by   ddrftw
    Someone told me that gpa is more important.
  4. by   Tcarly15
    Any news today?
  5. by   ddrftw
    I'm constantly checking emails and still no letter today, what about you?
  6. by   Tcarly15
    Nothing... I even emailed and called.
  7. by   ddrftw
    They're probably getting flooded with emails by now.
  8. by   MsRoseCNA
    I also haven't received anything as of yet. I just called, no answer.. I emailed as well. I'm trying to be patient but goodness lol it's tough.
  9. by   ddrftw
    I emailed Mrs. Amos last week on if we should be expecting emails or letters but she hasn't responded, sigh.
  10. by   Tcarly15
    Yeah this stinks.. what are talks gpas and teas scores?
  11. by   ddrftw
    What do you mean by talks?
  12. by   Tcarly15
    Sorry stupid autocorrect lol. *** Yalls
  13. by   ddrftw
    I'm applying with 3.87 gpa and 83 teas, what is yours?