OHSU BSN Fall 2018

  1. Hi! I recently applied to the 2018-2019 BSN program at OHSU, specifically the Monmouth campus. I keep looking to see if anyone has started a thread for this upcoming year and haven't found one. I'd love to connect with other applicants and keep each other updated on our processes.
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  3. by   acelia95
    Hey! I also applied to OHSU Monmouth Campus. My GPA is a 3.8 ish. Cant remember at the top of my head. I have two years experience as a medical assistant. Any of you going to MOCK interviews tomorrow afternoon at Monmouth campus? Yes and I couldn't find any posts about this years program either, so much from last year. Wish there were more people posting.
  4. by   tedj5
    I also applied to Monmouth. Any idea when we should find out about interviews?
  5. by   ans1316
    Hi! From previous years threads on this site it looks like e-mails went out March 15th-18th(ish)
  6. by   acelia95
    Yes, I believe anytime after this week is when we find out for interviews. So soon! Are you all going in with high GPA's or work experience? So nervous...
  7. by   tedj5
    My GPA could be better. I only have a 3.2 but I have a ton of work experience as a medical assistant so I'm hoping that helps me out. It's hard to know what makes them decide to give one candidate an interview over another because someone I met at the mock interview yesterday said when she applied last year she didn't get an interview. Even though she has a 4.0 and a lot of working experience as a CNA.
  8. by   acelia95
    Oh wow! Yeah I have a friend in the program now at Monmouth campus and she said some people got in with like a 3.0 last year... so I'm not sure how they decide. Maybe she didn't have all her pre reqs done? I heard a few people talking yesterday at the mock interview and said they were still in BI233. I applied last year and didn't get in and I was taking BI233 winter term also. And called on how to improve my application from last year and they said it's because I didn't have my series completed by fall. So I was losing a ton of points on my app. So I don't think they take students who are taking BI233 during winter, or any other pre req. just FYI. At least that's what the lady told me in June when I called her and asked about it.
  9. by   crd1990
    I applied to OHSU La Grande Campus! 3.3 GPA (not great because I was you and dumb at one point ) with 2000 hours hospital and ER experience.. praying I at least get an interview!
  10. by   acelia95
    That's great experience though!!!
  11. by   crd1990
    Hopefully it's enough for them to show interest!
  12. by   ans1316
    Does anyone know how many applied to the Monmouth campus this year?
  13. by   acelia95
    No... but I'm sure there is a way we could find out.
  14. by   acelia95
    I called OHSU admissions and they said 184 applied to Monmouth campus. Just FYI