OCCC Badnap 2016-2017

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is applying for OCCC's Badnap program for 2015-2016. I would love some information from former or current students about the program!
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  3. by   laurennm
    do you mean 2016-2017? I am applying for the program this Feb 2016...
  4. by   MissHilary
    Yes! *2016-2017* so sorry! How exciting! Have you taken the teas yet?
  5. by   laurennm
    I took it a few weeks ago and thankfully passed l! That science section was difficult! I am taking micro next semester so I'll automatically be an alternate. Have you taken the TEAS yet?
  6. by   MissHilary
    I haven't taken it yet! How would you recommend studying for the science section, in particular? Fortunately, I have all of my pre-req's completed, but my GPA isn't the greatest. So that makes me nervous!
  7. by   laurennm
    Neither is mine I took all the practice tests in the study guide and I feel like it didn't prepare me. Make sure you know what each system of the body does in plenty of detail... Really study up on Dna/rna, parts of the cells, types of bonds, and things about the periodic table/elements. I heard the practice tests in the McGraw guide were more accurate but I used the ati guide since that's what the test was.
  8. by   aspel003
    I took the TEAS and passed as well! I agree with laurennm on everything to focus on! On the math section, it seemed there were a lot of fractions as well. I had gotten the TEAS study guide from Half Price Books so at least it was cheap! I turned in my application in the special dropbox at OCCC. Hopefully they received everything...I haven't gotten any sort of confirmation. I know it's early, but I just wanted to get it over with! Has anybody else applied already as well?
  9. by   okflhealth
    Does anyone know what a good TEAS score is for the BADNAP program? My GPA is not very good because of a couple of semesters from 10 years ago, but I have all my upper level pre-reqs done.
  10. by   aspel003
    I believe they only look at Pass/Fail for the TEAS, not the score percentage. I'm pretty sure they said passing is 70 and up.
  11. by   laurennm
    They aren't considering your score as long as you pass (70 and up).
  12. by   doantrang111
    I just took TEAS today, and got 69.3. I'm think about retake it, and the last change for me is on 02/03/2015.
  13. by   laurennm
    Dang! You at least know what to expect now. Good luck!
  14. by   Audrey1313
    hey ladies am applying for the program to this feb...will take the teas at the end of the month am nervous too. Scared about the science and math.