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Just wondering if anyone else is applying for OCCC's Badnap program for 2015-2016. I would love some information from former or current students about the program!... Read More

  1. by   aspel003
    I started a Facebook group! Should be able to search BADNAP Nursing 2016-2017.
  2. by   mmurrow
    I know this thread is old, hopefully someone will see it though.
    Does anyone know how the point system works for the BADNAP program at OCCC? All I've been able to find online is for the traditional pathway.
  3. by   missohio
    BADNAP doesn't use a points system. The requirements and are listed on the application (Health). Those who have all the prereqs completed at the time the application is due are given priority. Applicants are ranked based on GPA after that.
  4. by   rodr5594
    I know that this thread is super old, but I thought I'd ask anyways. I'm currently in NP1 this spring and am still applying for the badnap program since I already have a bachelors and am thinking of transfering into badnap in the fall. I was just wondering how you guys were doing in the program now that you're almost finished. Is it doable? How's your weekly schedule with classes and clinicals? Also I heard from Sarah that you still get christmas break and I was wondering how long that break was.
  5. by   aspel003
    Hi rodr5594! We're coming to a close for this semester so sorry it's been awhile before the reply! The program is doable but very intense. We've had class every Wednesday every semester. The 1st semester started with lab almost every Tues and Thurs. But it slowed down every semester as we began to do more clinicals. The clinical rotations tend to be weekends or at least one of the weekend days. We received the full Christmas break - 5ish weeks. Every break that OCCC is not open, we are also out. Let me know if you have any more questions and I will try to be better at getting back with you!
  6. by   haleyreese23
    Was anybody an alternate that got in off the waitlist?
  7. by   haleyreese23
    Can somebody tell me what the specific schedule is for the program? Like do we get time off for Christmas and spring break or is it totally non stop?