OCCC Badnap 2016-2017 - page 5

Just wondering if anyone else is applying for OCCC's Badnap program for 2015-2016. I would love some information from former or current students about the program!... Read More

  1. by   MissHilary
    I can't believe we have had to wait the full 8 weeks. I am so anxious and excited to hear back!
  2. by   doantrang111
    Have anyone got an email?
  3. by   MissHilary
    Not yet. But I called and they told me it would be this week!
  4. by   aspel003
    I got my email! I'm in! Anybody else?
  5. by   lvwoah
    I'm in too!
  6. by   csantos2
    I'm in too!
  7. by   MissHilary
    I got mine too! And I am in as well. Congratulations!!
  8. by   laurennm
    I'm an alternate
  9. by   EmB833
    Congratulations to everyone!

    I am in as well, I am so excited and can't wait to meet everyone!
  10. by   aspel003
    Quote from laurennm
    I'm an alternate
    Fingers crossed for you! Alternates still get in!
  11. by   lvwoah
    Anyone want to start a Facebook group? I would but I am in Mexico on my honeymoon so I only have my phone!
  12. by   htennant
    I would join a facebook group if anyone else was interested!
  13. by   jadecp09
    I got in also! Just found this thread while I was searching around for info from previous graduates so I can know a little more about what to expect. I am interested in a Facebook group as well!