OCCC Badnap 2016-2017 - page 4

Just wondering if anyone else is applying for OCCC's Badnap program for 2015-2016. I would love some information from former or current students about the program!... Read More

  1. by   okflhealth
    I see it too!
  2. by   aspel003
    Mine said it before the applications were due...so I think it's from when we applied to OCCC. I'm not sure though! It doesn't show any of my pre-reqs entered yet either.
  3. by   MissHilary
    I wonder why it's taking so long! Does anyone have any info or insight on what the program is going to be like?
  4. by   doantrang111
    I'd read all comments from some badnap topics of last few years. Some accepted students receives the emails since Fer/28, and most others received about Mar/04. Then I checked all my submitted documentation being posted on Fer/29/2016. But I'm still keeping checking email. Have anyone got the email?
  5. by   Moxiegirl
    Haven't got an email yet. I'm anxious to hear back!
  6. by   aspel003
    I looked at my Mine Online and my pre-reqs are entered! Except one even though I have it. So that worries me. At least I know they received my application...that part is scary by itself! Just drop your future in this box and hope we get it....lol. I hope we hear soon! Anybody else checked theirs lately?
  7. by   nursenikole
    Hello! I just finished and graduated BADNAP last Friday! Yay!!

    Its an intense program, but it's doable. The professors are great!

    They told old us that this is the biggest application class that they have had which is probably why it's taking so long to hear. We heard at the end of February if we got in.

    The schedule is a little crazy. You will have lecture every Wednesday. Lab days are usually Tuesday and Thursday and are heavy at the beginning of the class then taper off. Clinicals are random, but mostly on Saturday and Sunday.
  8. by   okflhealth
    Congratulations nursenikole!

    That's so exciting for you. What are your plans after graduation?
  9. by   nursenikole
    Thank you!! I'm so glad to be finished!!

    Well currently Im just taking a small break to recooperate and spend some time with my husband and baby!!

    I've applied for a few jobs and am just waiting right now!
  10. by   aspel003
    Yes congrats nursenikole! Thank you for all the helpful info!
  11. by   aspel003
    I called this morning. They couldn't give me any information other than it should be within 1-2 weeks....
  12. by   okflhealth
    Has anyone gotten any emails? We are going on our eighth week!
  13. by   aspel003
    Nothing yet! But I don't think they send out emails as they enter the applications. I think admissions was wrong, which is frustrating. Hopefully we'll hear this week about acceptance!