OCCC Badnap 2016-2017 - page 3

Just wondering if anyone else is applying for OCCC's Badnap program for 2015-2016. I would love some information from former or current students about the program!... Read More

  1. by   okflhealth
    Does anyone have any updates on this?
  2. by   aspel003
    I called today! They didn't tell me how many people applied. I did find out that they process the applications through a website. When that happens, we'll get a confirmation through our OCCC email that the application was processed. Then we should get emails hopefully at the end of February for acceptance! Hopefully! Has anybody received anything yet regarding confirmation?
  3. by   JP1011
    I have not gotten a confirmation. Has anyone else gotten anything regarding submitting their application?
  4. by   MissHilary
    I haven't gotten any sort of a confirmation yet! I was at the school earlier and stopped by the admissions office to see how the applications were going. The admissions woman told me that it would probably be closer to 6-8 weeks so sometime closer to spring break before we hear back about acceptance.
  5. by   Moxiegirl
    Does anyone have any info about the Gov't class that has to be take before or concurrently with the first nursing semester of BADNAP? I think ad advisor told me they offer this class for 2 weeks during a March intercession. I tried looking on the website. Does anyone have any info about this?
  6. by   csantos2
    I have applied as well. The woman I submitted my application said we would hear answers anywhere between 4-8 weeks by email. So hopefully we hear sometime next week!
  7. by   aspel003
    Does anyone else get an email from the school and get excited then it ends up being from Student Life? Ughhh.
  8. by   JP1011
    Every day it seems!
  9. by   csantos2
    Just experienced that 2 minutes ago haha
  10. by   lvwoah
    Hey Guys! I am hoping that I get accepted for this years program as well. Has anyone heard anything this week? Has anyone called admissions?
  11. by   csantos2
    I called this morning. Admissions wasn't very helpful. She couldn't confirm they have processed all the applications and the best she could say was it could take up to 6 weeks :/
  12. by   lvwoah
    I just called also. She told me that it would be after spring break but thats all she would say.
  13. by   lvwoah
    It shows BADNAP for me on my mine online profile. You guys check and see if it says the same thing for you.