NWFSC nursing 2018

  1. Just finished retaking my HESI exam and have everything turned in for the nursing application. My HESI points are 91 & with the added bonuses overall score is from 106 - 111. Anyone else finished applying as well? And curious to see what other's scores are.
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  3. by   Bellav
    Great job! I just finished mine as well! Didn't score quite as high but I have 87 points from just my hesi not including the other bonus points. I am really hoping it works out!
  4. by   Jdinh1992
    Thats Awesome!! I've been reading alot of tge other forums and i think pretty much anyone who scores 100 or higher will get in, dont want to say for sure though. I hope so too that well get it
  5. by   akamps
    I should have a total of 119. Fewer applicants are being accepted this year because of the addition of the new spring cycle. 😳
  6. by   Bellav
    119 is very high! Congrats
  7. by   Jdinh1992
    Oh, I forgot about that, that they are starting in fall and spring. Ugh :/ do you know how many will be accepted for each semester?
  8. by   Bellav
    I believe it's 36
  9. by   michelle06501
    Hello there, I just found this forum and I'm feeling really anxious!
    My HESI points alone is 83. With the added bonus, My score would be 103. I'm not feeling confident about getting in this fall since they're only accepting 36.

    You guys scored very high! I'm sure you all will get in. Good Luck!
  10. by   Jdinh1992
    Thats still a great score! Even if the spots are fewer than before, I hope we all get in
  11. by   Javalos
    Hi. I applied to NWFSC Fall 2018. Does anyone know when they will be letting us know when we will be accepted to the program?
  12. by   ar.lspr
    I'm assuming late March/early April.
  13. by   aeroneus
    I believe i have a total of 129. Just everyone make sure to cross all the t's and dot all the i's.
  14. by   Jdinh1992
    129 is really high!! That's excellent. I know the wait will near kill me, I've read on the previous forums that others didn't find out until early/mid april
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