Navarro College LVN Program for Fall 2018

  1. Hello everyone,

    I applied for the Navarro College LVN Program for Fall 2018. I applied to the Waxachahie campus, Anyone else applying?, I am not sure when I am gonna be contacted for the acceptance letter.
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  3. by   Bran02
    Hello Shakira155 I applied as well the packet stated the letters will be mailed out around mid May hopefully it's before then....
  4. by   Shakira155
    Thank u so much.
  5. by   Bran02
    Good luck!!!
  6. by   Baylor101
    Hello ladies, I also applied to the Navarro LVN program. Do you guys remember how many points yall ended up with? or teas scores.
    Fingers crossed we all get in!!
  7. by   Shakira155
    Hello Baylor101,

    As far as i remembered, they only needed the teas reading score ( I got a 74.5) and the minimum score at Navarro College is 59 I think.
  8. by   Bran02
    Hello Ladies
    Baylor101 I made a 72 not great but passing my total pints were around 102..How many points did y'all end up with?
  9. by   Bran02
    What was your total points
  10. by   Gray_lover03
    I applied as well...hoping I get in! Made a 68 on teas reading score but hoping my prereqs make up for it. I believe we will hear something by mid may. Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   Shakira155
    Hi everyone,

    What campus did you all apply as your first, second and third choice.

    Mine is Waxahachie,corsicana and Mexia
  12. by   Bran02
    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!! My first choice was Waxahachie, Corsicana and Mexia
  13. by   Bran02
    I spoke with someone yesterday and they said it will probably be before mid May
  14. by   Baylor101
    I think I ended up with 85 points Im hoping that's enough, my first choice is Waxahachie then second is Corsicana. I hope we find something out soon ive been checking my email non stop!