MUSC Accelerated BSN (revived '13)

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am applying to MUSC's ABSN program for a Spring '14 start as soon as I finish Micro this July. I will be applying w/o having earned a Bachelor's degree as well. Some questions to generate a discussion:

    1. If anyone has been accepted to the program w/o having earned a Bachelor's can you post your situation/stats for acceptance and any advice?

    2. If anyone is in the program currently, or graduated recently, can you provide any insight or advice on the ways you would prepare if given a second chance?

    3. Is anyone else on here applying for the same start date?

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  3. by   ml52789
    I am applying for the spring 2014 start! I just submitted my priority application last week. This will be my second time applying... Hopefully my last time as well!
  4. by   APriest
    I am applying for the Spring '14 start as well. I talked to the admissions specialists and they said you can get 5 points for volunteer experience or 10 points for work experience, I believe 5 points for military experience, and a max of 10 points for the essay. Obviously they also look at pre-req grades, science GPA, and overall GPA. Although having a Bachelor's could help GPA wise, if you've done well in all of your pre-reqs and have a good GPA overall I don't think not having your Bachelor's will hurt you. I was also given the average pre-req and overall GPA for last years class, which I believe was 3.8 and 3.6 although I am not positive on the overall GPA average.

    Good luck!