Merritt College Fall 2018 ADN

  1. Hello! I didn't see a forum about applicants for the Fall 2018 pool for Merritt College ADN in Oakland,Ca. Just wanted to know anyone who applied, their experience with the application process, and any information about the rumors of the program. I am a first time applicatcant!
    Thank you
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  3. by   Ariel650

    I applied. I just got my letter to submit TEAS. Ive heard rumors that the program isnt that good. I also want someone who has completed the progarm give back some feedback.
  4. by   toroRN2012
    Thanks for replying , wow im nervous now. But i haven't heard back yet from the program after my application. I am still waiting, hopefully good news. I hope the rumors aren't true either!
  5. by   sprtkes
    I recently got the mail telling me to send in my teas too. I too also want to know how good this program is also. Most of the reviews I've seen are negative.
  6. by   toroRN2012
    Did you receive your feedback via email or postal mail ?
  7. by   sprtkes
    Postal mail. It was dated April 13th on the letter but I got it 2 days ago.
  8. by   Ariel650
    I got a letter in the mail two days ago. Mine was also dated on April 13. I got accepted in College of San Mateo so I probaly wont be attending Merritt.
  9. by   toroRN2012
    Congrats to you , I just received my letter as well yesterday. I will submit my TEAS score. I really am curious to know how they recieved the best ADN program award in California amongst the rumors. I would really love to hear from a recent graduate or current student!
  10. by   Ariel650
    I think that the reason that they have a really high score for California is because they weed poeple out by making the nurisng program really difficult.
  11. by   Tpez49
    Hey there! Do you guys know when the lottery day is?
  12. by   sprtkes
    They draw the lottery on May 24th, but they don't tell you if you're in until a week later.
  13. by   toroRN2012
    Does anyone have any other additional input about the program, rumors, etc?? I've viewed past threads and they haven't been so great, so just wondering if there have been any changes.
  14. by   sprtkes
    I haven't heard anything new, but if I make it in I'm going for sure. I didn't make it into Chabot's program sadly or any other program this semester.