Mane applicants spring 2018

  1. Getting excited to apply to the program at a few different Mane schools. NHCC, Century, Anoka Ramsey. Just wanted to see what everyone's composit scores are, and where you are applying???
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  3. by   redruka
    I am only applying to Century with a composite score of (what I think will be) 11.4. Final grades haven't been submitted from my Chem class yet. I got a 74.4 TEAS score, which was a bummer but remaining hopeful. VERY anxious to submit application!
  4. by   Valerieap07
    I think that's a pretty solid composite score. I believe mine would be 11.36 at century. I took most of my prereqs there, but transferred to NHCC. I am meeting with an advisor on Tuesday to make sure all my ducks are in a row for the application. My TEAS score was 79.3. At NHCC my composit score will be 11.43. Wish we didn't have to wait until mid July to find out if we got in
  5. by   alyssaa_t
    Im so glad someone started a thread! Ive been reading through all the previous ones and am so happy I get to finally participate!
    I am also applying, with (hopefully) around a 12. I'm taking the TEAS a second time next week, as the first time I took it I only got 79% composite score. I got between a 89 and a 95 on all the sections with the exception of science (that A&P really threw me off), which is what brought my overall score down so much. So, I'm taking it again with the hope that I can bring my science score up at least a tad, which would put me in a much better position to apply. My GPA is just below a 3.8, but not finalized yet as I took all four prereqs this semester and I'm waiting on my final biology grade (although it shouldn't change that 3.8 too much).
    I'm only applying to Inver Hills this time around because I only have their prereqs done, so hopefully a score right around 12 should be good enough to get me in! I've been following the thread from the previous application round for the fall start (which I've been told is somewhat more competitive) and it seems like at the low end of things, they were accepting high 10's (clearly nothing official, just my observations). So, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I'm feeling pretty confident! I'll be dropping off my application after my TEAS retake and then begin the long wait for the notification - I'm gonna try not to think about it, but I know I'll be crazy anxious until I find out
  6. by   tirob17
    I'm only applying to NHCC. My composite score is 11.75. My TEAS score was 80.2. I'm already getting impatient waiting for mid-July. Good luck to all of us!
  7. by   Valerieap07
    I personally wouldn't stress myself out retaking the teas test with a GPA that's close to 3.8, and a previous score of 79, that's a very good composite score. I do understand wanting to feel confident going into the admission process though, so if it would make you feel better good luck to you. I was told that the lowest composit score to get in for fall at NHCC was 11.2, and yes for whatever reason fall is usually more competitive. Sounds promising. I'm ready to be a nurse! Good luck to you guys.
  8. by   YoungHusky
    I'm applying to NHCC. My composite score currently is 11.29 with a TEAS score of 78.7 and a GPA of 3.42. I'm also taking the TEAS once more this week I will update if my score improves.

    And I actually heard the lowest overall score that got accepted for the fall at NHCC was an 11.27. Even though I'm above that score I'm still worried that I might not get in for the spring. Hopefully this next TEAS test will give me more confidence.
  9. by   Valerieap07
    Had my meeting with an advisor at century today. My composit score there will be 11.4. She said that for fall they accepted people that were originally waitlisted who were in the high 10 range for composite scores. I thought she said people were accepted with 11.3 before they started putting people on the waitlist, but I just read through fall '17 thread and someone there said they were waitlisted at 11.5??? That deflated my confidence a bit. Only two more months to hurry up and wait.
  10. by   tirob17
    I remember NHCC saying that the fall cohorts are usually more competitive, so hopefully that will mean the lowest score accepted should be lower than 11.27.
  11. by   YoungHusky
    I took the TEAS again today and increased my score to 82. Bringing me to a composite score of 11.62.
  12. by   tirob17
    Good job YoungHusky! That should definitely get you accepted into the program.
  13. by   Valerieap07
    Good job younghusky!
  14. by   alyssaa_t
    So update on my end; my GPA came out to only a 3.5 due to a miscommunication with a professor (partially due to my own fault, I will admit) and me also miscalculating what my GPA would be before the final grades were entered. Kinda kicking myself in the butt, but it's in the past at this point and I'll just have to focus on upping my TEAS score on Thursday. If all goes well I should still be in decent shape to get accepted at Inver Hills!