LSU CARE Program Fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    There may be a thread already started but I wanted to get a group going for everyone who has applied to LSU's CARE Program for Fall 2018 admission.
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  3. by   sdk1908
    Hello, I've applied for Fall 2018. The application deadline just ended, so the real wait is upon us
  4. by   LuluTM
    Hi All! I have applied and am waiting as well. Looks like last year they heard back in early Feb.
  5. by   LuluTM
    Got an Email that we should receive an update by Feb 19th. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   cheffker
    I am a former CARE XIII graduate. Just some advice for those of you going in. First of all, this program is intense and requires ALL of your dedication. You will have classes and clinicals all week including weekends at times. You will have to study everyday and maintain a grade of 77 or above, absolutely no curves will be given, not even for a 76.9, trust me. You will go all year long and holidays will be cut short. Now the good news. This program is totally something you can do. Have confidence and trust in yourself. I had 3 kids, worked full time and went to school and graduated. It was not easy but the students and faculty are wonderful, even if the food is not, lol. You will graduate in 22 months, not 18 as stated. Believe in yourself, remember nothing worthwhile comes easy, and you will be fine. Congrats to those who make it in, and good luck to those who are waiting. I know you can do it!!
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  7. by   GraceBSN
    Has anyone heard back yet?
  8. by   GraceBSN
    Thank you for the info!! I'm nervous but ready to get the ball rolling
  9. by   tigre
    Hey GraceBSN, I was told we should hear back within the next two weeks as they're still reviewing files... I am nervous too, yet ready. Hope this helps!
  10. by   GraceBSN
    Tigre thanks for the update!
  11. by   Astrinde
    I just received emails about the interview and essay! I hope that everyone else will hear back soon too!
  12. by   GraceBSN
    Same here!! Good luck!!
  13. by   sdk1908
    I just heard back for interview & essay too!
  14. by   Lee3991
    Starting to get worried. Does anyone know if they are still sending out interview invites?